AI Tokens Soar: Institutional Investors Bet Big on AI Technology

• Open AI’s ChatGPT has caused a surge in AI token performance in crypto markets, despite the market pullback.
• JP Morgan survey reveals that institutional investors are betting big on Artificial Intelligence technology.
• AI tokens such as FET and AGIX have seen massive gains of over 100% each, making them some of the best-performing tokens in the space.

The Rise Of AI Tokens

Since the launch and subsequent popularity of Open AI’s ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tokens have been doing incredibly well in the market. Despite the current crypto market pullback, these tokens remain green amidst a sea of red. This is likely only the beginning as institutional investors are showing increasing interest in investing in AI technology.

Institutional Investment In AI Technology

A recent survey from JP Morgan featured 835 institutional traders from six global markets and revealed that there is substantial interest from large investors when it comes to Artificial Intelligence technology. The survey showed an increase from 25% to 53% of all institutional investors who are now investing in this tech sector. Other technologies which saw high levels of investor interest were machine learning, AI integration, blockchain and distributed ledger technology – with 14%, 12%, 8% and 72% respectively saying they were invested or plan to invest soon.

AI Tokens Continue To Perform Well

Over recent weeks, certain AI tokens such as FET and AGIX have made huge gains – rising more than 100%. This has propelled them into being some of the top performing tokens on the market right now. With increasing interest from institutional investors, these trends could continue for some time yet – potentially creating new opportunities for those who take advantage early on.

Cryptocurrency Trading Still Low Among Institutional Investors

Interestingly enough though, despite strong interest in blockchain technology from these same institutional investors – only 8% said they were actually trading cryptocurrencies at present day. A whopping 72% stated they had no plans to trade digital coins while 14% said they planned to start trading within the next year but were currently not involved with cryptocurrency markets yet.


In conclusion it appears that Artificial Intelligence is becoming an increasingly attractive option for institutional traders looking to diversify their portfolios with cutting edge technologies like machine learning and blockchain integration. Meanwhile, certainAI tokens such as FET and AGIX have seen huge gains recently and could continue with even higher returns if this trend continues among larger scale investors moving forward

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