Crypto Bull Market on the Horizon: Burniske Doubles Down on Prediction

• Venture capitalist Chris Burniske is confident that the crypto market will enter a new bull phase soon.
• He believes that industry’s reaction to obstacles will ultimately result in a stronger market.
• He predicts a slight correction before markets spring into a fresh bull phase, and suggests it may be the last great entry point for crypto bulls.

Investor Who Called Crypto Bottom Doubles Down on Bull Market Forecast

Venture capitalist Chris Burniske has doubled down on his prediction that crypto is set to enter a new bull market. Despite the regulatory crackdowns and bearish sentiment in the space, he believes that the industry’s reactions to these challenges will lead to an even stronger market in the future. He also predicts that there could be one more chance for bears to take advantage of prices with a 20-40% dip before the party starts again next year into 2025.

Reactions To Challenges Will Make Market Stronger

Burniske believes that every action incurs an opposite and equal reaction, citing Newton’s Third Law as applicable to cultural motion as well. By pushing back against regulatory crackdowns and building better infrastructure and products, he predicts the industry will emerge from this time much stronger than before.

Slight Correction Before Bull Run

Burniske previously called for a slight correction before markets spring into a fresh bull phase, which he maintains is still possible if prices go down in the near future. This could be one of the last great entry points for those looking to ride out the next cycle of bullish momentum.

Accumulators Buying With Force

He also notes that despite people selling with force, accumulators are buying with force as well – indicating optimism about what lies ahead for crypto markets over time. This would mirror past cycles where dips are quickly followed by rallies – highlighting just how resilient this sector can be when faced with adversity or uncertainty.


Overall, Burniske remains optimistic about what’s ahead for digital assets, predicting big things when it comes to user adoption and mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency technology over time – especially once builders have made it “not a joke” anymore.

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