HyperCycle & Penguin Group Launch HyperPG: A High-Performance AI Computing Platform

• HyperCycle and Penguin Group have joined forces to launch HyperPG, an advanced software for accessing HPC (high-performance computing) for the fast growing AI economy.
• An innovative distributed computation model is enabling Paraguay to access its hydropower infrastructure for AI computation, fostering unprecedented economic development.
• HyperPG’s initiative has been recognized by global leaders, placing Paraguay at the vanguard of the AI revolution and bringing substantial socio-economic benefits to the country.

HyperCycle and Penguin Group Join Forces

June 27, 2023 – Geneva, Switzerland: HyperCycle , a groundbreaking layer zero++ blockchain infrastructure engineered for high-speed and cost-effective AI-driven micro transactions, has partnered with Penguin Group to release HyperPG – an advanced software for accessing HPC (high-performance computing) for the fast growing AI economy. The partnership will make the HyperPG platform available to individuals, as well as organizations, who can leverage the platform to unlock the power of their hardware and harness its computational capacity to generate revenue, transforming traditional cost centers into profit generators.

Harnessing Hydropower Infrastructure For AI Computation

HyperPG is pioneering a transformative initiative in Paraguay, harnessing the country’s abundant hydropower resources to place it at the vanguard of the AI revolution. Through a unique distributed computation model, HyperPG enables Paraguay to utilize its hydropower infrastructure for AI computation. This innovation is set to significantly improve the country’s standing in the PPP (private public partnership) model, fostering unprecedented economic development.

Participating In Global AI Advancements

However, HyperPG’s vision for Paraguay transcends mere economic enhancement. The initiative is making sure that Paraguay plays an instrumental role in the emerging ‘Internet of AI’ – a global network of interconnected artificial neurons that forms a collective AI brain. This involvement not only ensures Paraguay’s active participation in global AI advancements but also brings substantial socio-economic benefits to the country.

Recognition From Global Leaders

HyperPG’s role in promoting PPPs has received recognition from global leaders, including Alexandre Ziad Hayek, the global head of UN WAPPP (World Association of Public Private Partnerships). His recent visit to Paraguay, where he met with several ministers, including the Minister of Finance, further underscores the potential and importance of these collaborations. In this endeavor

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